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Renderama, Mac Pros Mid 2010 and switching everything off but the CPU

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It seems I've found a consistent way to crash Renderama or generally make it fail. We have an hexacore Mac Pro beast, and I've never ever managed to leave a batch of Renderama jobs overnight without seeing it having crashed just after leaving, no jobs done. It drives me nuts. It's driving me nuts right now.

Okay. When we leave the office, we shut down power to everything but the CPUs, which means:

- The ADSL modem/router gets loses power.

- Ditto for my dual monitor setup. Now, here there is a fancy thing: it seems this generation of Mac Pro towers, upon detecting that a secondary screen has been shut down somehow improperly, it moves all windows in that screen to the main one (which isn't such a bad idea, but it isn't quite a good one, either. It ought to be a System Preferences -> Screens button thing. Oh, well…). This always happens when I cut power while the screen is switched on, while it doesn't seem to do so if I switch the monitor off turning it to sleep mode).

So, questions:

-Is the Renderama system (master and slave apps) aversely sensitive to, say, the local network and the Internet disappearing under the Mac Pro's feet, even if all slaves are inside the machine?

-Is it aversely sensitive to having OS X move its windows from one monitor to another without user intervention?

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Ola Juanxer!

When we got EIAS to develop, Rama 8 was unstable, we did a lot of changes, but I dont remember to have problems when the Mac change to one Monitor, but Internet disappearing can be a problem if am I not wrong.



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