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Mforge on Global Illumination

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I trying to use MForge in a project now that it is a 64bit shader.


But all my cool settings looks really different if GI is activated.


Attached a sample of what I am getting with the Colored metal sample doc.


Please if anyone knows what parameters need to be change in order to get the same results, it looks that it is somethig with the specular parámeter.


Thanks in advance.




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Hola Diego


It's a pipeline limitation, specuars of GI lights are unachievable for "illuminator" shaders like MForge. Setting "Use GI Sampling engine" tells render to calculate this light in GI pass and store illumination in GI buffer fоr further interpolation. If a material has highlight shaders (such as Anisotropic) their specular will be calculated for each ray. However there is no way to do same for MForge because it takes a whole control over material and can be called only once per (sub) pixel.


Well, "nothing is perfect" (banal but true :shy:)

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Hello Igors,


Thank you very much for the explanation, specular channel is what makes MForge so special so I will continue to use but without GI. I can apply something like an Occlusion pass and get same results.


Merry Christmas.





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