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Problems reading .eiz files in after effects

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I'm having problems getting After Effects to read my image.img files with image.eiz files. I import the .img file and the associated .eiz file is in the same folder with the same name (different extension) but I get an error - "After Effects error: Bad Auxiliary info ( 46:: 32 )


I can get it to work if both the .img and .eiz files are single frame files, but as soon as I render each as an animation I get this problem.


Any Ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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I have found the source of this, When rendering the z-depth file with renderama, the file is only 28mb and after effects won't import it. When rendering straight out of animator the file is over 700mb and it's works a treat.


When I open both files in animator, they look identical, perhaps renderama isn't telling the camera to render all the 32bit 3d depth information and associated channels?


Not really too much of a problem given the z-depth files are quick to render if you turn off retracing and thus the animation doesn't need to be network rendered - it's pretty quick on my local machine.

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Ola Josiah,


Interesting, just tested:

Do a test for me...


Send a .eiz render to Rama, start to render, look inside the Rama Job folder, before Rama Start to Stitch get all files and import in AE, see if they are correctly imported.


My guess, Rama is deleting info when it Stitch the individual frames which have 3.6MB each.


Note: EIAS 8 does the same





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