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Tomas Egger

EIAS 9 interview :)

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In this special interview Tomas Egger–the owner and leader of the renowned Electric Image Animation System and well-regarded VFX supervisor and film director–speaks to Architosh about the re-emergence of EIAS, it’s latest version 9 features, its influential past and its promising future with EIAS 3D.


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It's great to see the history. I've been using EIAS since the late 90s. Though I don't have much mad skillz to show for it, since my media has always been in print. I remember the by-gone days of meeting up at the EI User Groups at New Media in Hollywood. Really happy the program is in very capable hands.



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im old enough to remember the EI guys walking around MacWorld San Francisco like rock stars in their EI leather jackets... but would not display there... you had to go to their room at the Mariott   which I did...  I felt like a groupie... lol...  im so incredibly proud to have been included as one of EI's Featured Artists just a few years back.   After reading this interview

I feel even better about EI going forward.  Tomas... you came across VERY well and solid as the new owner of EI.   I forwarded that article to all my mograph groups and 3d LA groups I belong too... and got some interesting people coming out of the woodwork to comment fondly on EI....  Tomas... its clear to me you have a REAL opportunity here... the cg community is STARVING imo   for an alternative to c4d in mograph...  the fact that you modernized the import of the major formats was inspired and a GREAT decision.  It allows ALL 3d users a 'chance' to consider integrating EI back into their workflow.   Nice start and congratulations...  I hope all your hard work pays off for you in many ways....  

Scott   Supernovavfx.com

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