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Renderama recovery?

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I had a render using 4 slaves on a 12 core windows 7 machine. It was a minute long scene with lots of reflections GI rays etc. so it was a long render.

I was rendering to a TGA sequence. I left it going overnight and it seemed to be going well, but this morning I found that windows had done an automatic software update and rebooted in the wee hours of the morning... That crashed rama and the 4 slaves.

I reopened rama this morning, and the job is in there but shows 0% complete and only 3 slaves active (I had originally started the job with 3 slaves but added one during the render to speed it up - which worked fine).

I'm hesitant to hit go again in case rama restarts the job and overwrites any temp files.

I can't find image sequences anywhere, but there are a number of files in each slave folder that appear to have been written right before the forced restart.


Sorry for the detailed explanation - is there anyway to resume the rama job, stitch what it did finish, or salvage some of the rendered frames??


Thanks for any help.



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Ola Doug!


Take a look inside the EIAS 9 folder / Renderama Jobs

If exist a sequence, need to be there.



To manual Stitch in Rama, its in the Rama menu bar.



Pay attention if you have a correct sequence to be stitched, otherwise, move the frames to another folder and complete with missing frames, if you need to render only the end, open EIAS and render again using rama only the ending and finish the entire sequence on After Effects,


Hope that helps






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