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renderama bombing \ HD Map limitations?

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I have a pretty simple project with some close up letters that have complex beveling... these letters make 4 -6 second moves


across the screen.  On an ubershape plane is a very hi rez ANIMATED file  ( 1500 x 2500 )  the letters are made out of glass


and the intention is to refract elements of the huge movie within the letters.    I made the movies in After effects and compressed


them using h264 codec so their size was manageable   250mb roughly.... but I got errors in most the renderings... some made it 


farther then others.                I sensed the h264 codec may be confusing EI and imported the original uncompressed movie file


as a map.   Then Renderama performance with this change was half working.... 4 cameras seem to be working 4 just errored out.


if anyone knows why based on my description.... thank you.... the uncompressed map is almost 2 gigs large..... is that too big?




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