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Simple camera move question

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I have landscape plan I'm trying to illustrate by animating its sectional profiles.


During this short animation the camera starts off looking straight down on the plan Yaw Angle 0, then I attempt to orbit

to an angled view of the plan.  The 'orbit' move starts with frame 31.


So camera is stationary for 0-30 frames, then on frame 31, instead of orbiting smoothly, it goes haywire

for one frame, then orbits smoothly after that.


Any idea what the issue is?  This hasn't happened before. 


Thanks for any ideas on this... Richard


Here's the video:  http://www.princetondigitalarts.com/v4.mp4


Here's the camera info showing the Yaw Angle going haywire between frames 30 and 31...

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It's a common 3d application problem, named "gimbal-lock", the correct way to avoid this is parent the Camera in a Effector and then animate th effector.



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I also watched a very informative video on YT about Gimbal-Lock, and realized I could also just start my orbit from about 80 degrees up and not 90,

thus avoiding the issue.


Thank you, Tomas!

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