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ReadyRigs DVD’s by Alonzo Von Threet …

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ReadyRigs DVD’s by Alonzo Von Threet …


I’ve just had some time to delve into the AVTPro READY RIGS DVD’s and I have to tell you they are amazing. Alonzo Von Threet a long time EIAS user guides you through the entire “rigging†process  leaving no “polygon†unturned or in this case “unriggedâ€.


A little background on how I found Alonzo … 


In May of 2012 a company I work with on a frequent freelance basis, and having just completed putting together several  animations for them of a new-fangled energy efficient  “boiler†came to me with several interesting animation ideas/commercials for a hospital in New Jersey. Two of the commercials involved an organic animation, something I am not too familiar with, I’m much better with bolts, nuts, levers, cubes, spheres, logos, etc.


However, this was a project I couldn’t turn down, a huge challenge. I quickly did my homework and realized I would need help. I am a long time EI user and have been faithful to the product, plus I was excited about all the upcoming improvements. I’d contacted Tomas several times with questions and he’d always assisted me and/or directed me to the right person to get my answers. And a special thank you goes out to Richard Joly too for his help in the past with a Rubik’s Cube animation test.


Please note I am being a bit vague about the project description because I am currently working on a write-up describing the project at length.


When I told Tomas what I was looking to create he immediately directed me to Alonzo. He said, if it’s rigging you are looking for then Alonzo is the guy.


I emailed Alonzo, got a response right away and then I called him. What a pleasure, we hit it off immediately. He is a true animator, visionary, student of the art, creative/compulsive perfectionist and fun guy to talk to. I told him what I was doing, and I wanted to render using EIAS … why, BECAUSE … that’s the platform I use on a Mac.


Well, Alonzo jumped at the opportunity to take on the task and performed miracles with the project (again … details to follow in the full blown article). At the same time we were working on various details he mentioned his rigging DVD’s. I purchased them for future reference and just the other day had a chance to really sit down and watch both the “Deformer Rig†and the “SKIN MAN†…


Wow … my eyes have been opened (rigged to open that is – I know, I know enough of the “rig†asides), I’ve picked up numerous tips and tricks and thoughts for better modeling, animating, rigging, organizing … etc. And each DVD is divided into sections so I can pick and chose what I want to watch. I loaded both onto my computer and it’s a blast. I actually run a segment on one monitor while I follow along and do some practice rigging on another monitor. 


Now, if you are looking for a quick STEP by STEP … rigid format you won’t find that here. What you get, and it’s part of the Alonzo charm, is a thoughtful discussion of the rigging process and an insight into a working “riggers†mind tools. As he builds the rigs he tells you not only the physical process but the WHY, and how to plan ahead for the obstacles that may or may not occur.


This is amazingly practical and makes perfect sense. Plus if you pay attention, you will realize from some of the comments Alonzo makes that he is the real deal working crazy hours, making mistakes, finding solutions, and giving you a terrific rigging experience from start to finish.


I highly recommend the AVTPro’s ReadyRigs DVD’s … for anyone doing 3D animation, from beginning students, the non-organic 3D guys like me, to folks looking to expand their 3D horizon.


just visit the EIAS forum link below: 





Thanks for reading …


Hal Meyers


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Wow! Thanks for the kudos Hal. I knew how happy were with the project and expected you to write a quick note to Tomas but I didn't expect such a dynamic review. I really enjoy your "Electric Enthusiasm" for EIAS3D.  It made working through the complexities of this project very palatable and fun.  I also learn a lot from your creative business savy and can see why you are so successful in what you do. I only worked on the rigging animation, you are your team did a wondeful job with the final project. I can't wait until you show it. 

I know Tomas ask for an article on the project and I can tell by your review here it's going to be worth the wait. Looking forward to it. 


And anytime you need a rigtech I'm here. ..by the way...Thanks for the extra bonus on the project. You you said you appreciate my help, you really mean it. GTG.


Much Success 


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Alonzo …


Again, thank you for your tireless efforts with the project and with the Ready Rigs DVD's … 


… and …


Tomas …


Thank you and your team for the upgraded amazing EIAS … what a pleasure to use a program that has evolved, and continues to evolve … getting faster, more efficient, more powerful, able to leap (no sorry - got carried away), expanding it's accepted "model" platform base. It's a joy.


… THE article Alonzo and I have referred to is coming … soon



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