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S. Houtzager

Blobmaker 3

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Gotta say that the new Blobmaker 3 is impressive.  It has 3 main modes that it works in now.  The top snap (of the linked image) it easily created a water to put atop a model.  It creates a mesh which can be locked and reimported back in to speed up the renderings. I always thought dew created virtual drops. 


The bottom snap of the link is Blobmaker working on vertices.  It can create lots of variations with the vertices.  


One setting that I think can be reversed is viscosity.  As viscosity is increased the models become thinner and longer, as it is decreased they become bulkier.  I think also that the first button should be highlighted somehow as it defines the 3 main modes.


Nice work!



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Hi Steve,


very nice! Never looked into Blobmaker, but always wanted to do a 'wet look'

of objects. How is the setting for the raindrops on that model???

Looks very good and real!



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