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S. Houtzager

Creating a forrest of proxy trees

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Hey has anyone been able to create a forrest of trees along irregular terrain using proxy trees?  Maybe "flock this" could handle this which I don't have? 

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Hi Steven,


You can also use PROXY

works well but you have to adjust the elevation height of the site for each proxy tree, can be tedious for a forest.


I use also PLACER DEPOSIT.  you can use reel 3d trees or plan trees (the plugin has an option to orient each trees on the camera)

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If you have Xpresionnist, there is an excellent tutorial made by Cristobal Vila many years ago that describe a technique I already used with success.

It is however written in Spanish but I could make it through with Google Translate.

Here is my project complete with tree model and setup. It's 112Mb: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62778244/RPC_Trees_Collect.zip


Cristobal excellent tutorial here:



Test result with my setup:


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