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S. Houtzager

Project Window/ Material Window Luv

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Been working with EI a good bit and can't help but want a few more icons.  On the project window it would be killer if there were an icon showing the material icon. When you have almost 100 materials it really speeds things up.  Even if the texture maps don't show up, the icon can be made to look different.  If the Master materials showed a preview that would be excellent as well.




Was wondering what the material look icon would look twice its size.  Really brings out the details.  The added column is for blend modes.  Some would need two letters as there is more than one S for example.  Spelled out would be better.  When there is a stack of layers it gives a good overview.







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Hope so! That pjt window materials icons could just be a simple square color chip that is linked to the the diffuse color. At that size that is all that is needed.

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