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Architectural Interior and Exterior with V9.1

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Thanks very much for the positive feedback.


My apologies for not responding. I am in Thailand currently and we just got hit by a massive storm the night before last.

Big clean up and only just got the power back on 2 hours ago!


Yep there a quite a few more Tomas! I'll get hem together and send them up asap. Couldn't have done any of these without your help my friend!

EIAS is a rock solid tool now.

I am really enjoying learning (and understanding) new methods. It's great.

Thanks very much also Richard and Alberto. I'm humbled coming from yourselves.

Best regards and I'll be back in touch after a day or two of drying out.

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Nice work, I really like your integration of grass!


Can you share how you created the grass in your scenes. I'm interested in creating lawn (turf) and grasses for garden beds.


Also how did you do your trees? I use OnyxTree but I don't have the capability to do flowers unless I turn my Mac into a PC and buy OnyxTree flower?


Sharing your workflow would be greatly appreciated.



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