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Dongle issues

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Dongles seem to hate me.


i posted this in the mavericks thread but thought it might be better on its own in case.


Im having issues with Mavericks and EIAS 9.1. i had to do a reinstall and a migration assistant transfer from 10.7 lion to mavericks.

since then EIAS can't see the security dongle. all my other mavericks machine can work with EIAS and the dongle. which seems to imply a driver conflict of some sort from lion.

Since my MacPro is the oldest of my machines i think i remember having installed the patched drivers when there were issues with the sentinel drivers back in 10.7. Where we had to manually install some drivers in the library. I don't think i ever cleared them (never needed to. I did install the latest 9.1 installer drivers and reinstalled the drivers, did a reboot and everything but no luck.

does anyone know how i can uninstall all sentinel dongle drivers in osx. with some luck i won't have to do a full fresh re-install mavericks and hours of app reinstall from scratch.


i have added a screen capture of how it registerers the dongle in Mavericks on my Mac Pro which doesnt work and below my macbook pro on mavericks and it does work.




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I am having the same problem after installing Mavricks and downloading EI 9.1. Am getting a message that "Installer MPKG can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" Any idea how to get around this? Also what three drivers did you remove?

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Ola Alpha,


This is a new feature of the latest OSX, please, follow the steps:


1) Go to your OSX control panels preferences



2) Change the option: “Allow Applications downloaded from” to “Anywhere”.



Note: Most Probably you will not have the Mickael problem.


Thats it





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