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Mark Alan Thomas


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Okay, so the Occlusion shader is no more, but there is this tantalizing tidbit in the User Guide:


Exclude Set
A set of groups that will not be affected by GI lighting. If a group is in GI Exclude Set it simply means: this group does not receive GI illumination and nothing more. The group still generates “sky shadows†(occlusions) and it still generates a portion of Reverse Illumination.


However, I can't seem to make this work. If I set up an exclude set I get no occlusion and no GI other than the subtle reverse illumination.


Since there's no longer an occlusion shader, is it still possible to add occlusion to a scene without resorting to a separate manual occlusion pass and a multiplied camera projection?

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What about the 'EI_Layers.shl' shader that you can add to the 'Layers' tab in the 'Render Information' window? Not sure if it will get you what you're after though. It does have an 'Ambient/GI' option that you can include under the 'Add' button in the shader interface!


Maybe worth a try given most people are probably winding down for Christmas and you may not get a response for a couple of days? Just a guess!



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