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depth of field question… need some advice

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Ok that looks like what I need.

I'll have a look and see.

Thanks mate.

BTW. Tomas and the crew want to try to fix the Win RAMA problem.

If you have any input as to your problems maybe email me.

The problem lies in larger files mostly, but they want a small file to test.

The reason it "hangs" is because of the size / time of render as far as I can see but that apparently doesn't suit the "bug finding work flow"!

Let me know if you have any thoughts and I'll pass them on.

Looks like it has been left to me to provide the file that has the answer! I hope not!


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EI has been somewhat quiet about this and I'm not sure what to read into that.   Depth of field and adjusting focus length, animating the focus area and more is being used a LOT these days...   I 'really hope'  we finally get a TRUE  DOF and not some work around.  

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To be honest, I don't see this completely as a workaround.  This seems an ideal way to get all the control you need in post, so no need to render blur frames.


I understand what you mean when you say it is not TRUE, but I think I would actually choose to do it this way using RPF.  EI does not fully support the full range of information that can be extracted from an RPF render, but hopefully this can be added at some point. 


Things such as object and material id would be great additions.  You can also add a fully animate-able fog layer straight in post without the need to render one.


Here's a tut using .rpf in After effects -


Have a play with it and see what you think.

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I have worked many times with .rpf in AE and works exactly as shown in the video tutorial except for one thing: the mask that generates EIAS has no antialiasing. Making corrections either color or depth of field  objects edges are not clean.

It works only if you make subtle corrections but if you make a big changes then you will see the objects edges.

There is a solution mentioned here above, it is to render 2X needed size and reduce by 50% in AE, then the mask works better. But rather complicates a lot the workflow both EIAS and AE.

If the antialiasing problem is solved in future EIAS versions then this would definitely be our workflow as in one shot you have the Main color render plus Dof, Fog, and individual masks for each object, a dream. 



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