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Installing Psunami

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Finally getting round to updating my Psunami plugin to run with EIAS 9.0 on Mountain Lion.

Have now tried 3 times -


1 - deleted all previous related files - EI Sockets/Psunami_21.rsc - EI Sockets/Psunami_21.plm - EI Shaders/Air_Optics_21.rsc - EI Shaders/Air_Optics_21.shd - EI Shaders/Ocean_Optics_21.rsc - EI Shaders/Ocean_Optics_21.shd


2 - ran the installer just downloaded specially from Northern Lights - all seemed fine.


3 - Restart


4 - Start up EIAS 9.0 - brand new empty EIAS project and select Psunami plugin from menu .... now I get constant error boxes saying code is unavailable.


As I say, I have gone through this process 3 times now and haven't a clue what to do now. Northern Lights are puzzled because apparently this has now worked fine for lots of people.


Has anyone got any ideas please ?






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