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Sorry Tomas.

Ok so if you want to replace a texture on a group / object.

If you already have the texture applied eg: 'brick 01.img.'

It would be nice to edit that texture brick 01.img  (in PSD or whatever) then save it as different file as 'brick 02.img.'


Then when back in EIAS hit replace texture it would go straight to that existing texture. So basically it is the same as right clicking and using "show in finder / explorer"...that does go to the existing texture path!

As it is now replace defaults to the last save / render path.

Ok 2.7 didn't have 'replace' but it did always default the same texture path.


So when working through a project and experimenting with textures, hitting replace texture takes you directly to that texture. Therefore an obvious place for the revised texture is in the same folder as the existing texture or close to that folder.

As it is now my last render file path would be the default path when i try to replace a texture and in turn I have to navigate to the texture I want.


Perhaps there is an EIAS preference setting I'm not seeing or my workflow is incorrect.


Thanks again,

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You may already know this, but I have only just recently taken advantage of it.

I have been dragging folders that I am using in a project into the favorites column on the left side of the file search dialog box.

I keep a materials folder for the current project there and materials are always close.

In the past I reserved favorites as semi-permanent and put only very special folders there for universal access. In fact I didn’t use it at all. But now I drop in folders relevant to the project I am working on, remove them when I move to something else.

I would love to see the feature you have requested, but in the meantime I’m using favorites.


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