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Assimilator issue

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When trying to use the Assimilator plugin (64bit) with EI 9.1/Mac OS 10.9.3, I am unable to edit the text in the General Settings/Clipping Volume Group. I can select it but can't type anything into it to reassign the Bounding Volume Group. 


I have tried it in new projects and rebooted, etc. It has been checked and works fine in 10.8.1. Could this be an issue with how EI works with 10.9.3/Mavericks? Thanks. -Derryl



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Ola Derryl!


I can confirm, you can't rename the text area with letters, only with “numbers”, please, try with numbers.

Could you inform Blair (Northernlights3D) about this?

Blair Burtan <info@northernlightstactical.com>

Show him this thread, please.

Im using OSX 10.9.3 too.





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