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Any hope to open a 1.3 gig .FBX?

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Hello everyone,

I've got a 1.3 gig .fbx file, but so far nothing's been able to open it. I've been told it originated in SoftImage (really? is it still 1997? anyway...), and so far I've tried Max, Maya 2011/OSX, Cinema/OSX, and of course EIAS/OSX.

So far everything has either crashed or processed it for a long while then opened a blank scene.

AFAIK there's no animation or rigging, but probably some very hi res textures and the model is most likely a crazy dense mesh. Looks like a single object though.

Any ideas would be most appreciated!


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Have you tried opening it with a text editor and look inside the file?

You might have some clues in there that could help pinpoint the problem.

That's a mighty large file, is it sitting anywhere we can download it?

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