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Desert Landscapes, Cactus', Mountains.... question

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You know there is a slider bar in the bottom left of 32 bit files.  Keep the file 32 bit the whole time.  Slide the bar and flatten area.  Slide a little more and flatten area. On and on till when sliding the bar there is little change.  Just an idea.

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Hi Steve,


Ok I found the pop-up menu in Photoshop, in the bottom left, by clicking on the arrow just to the right of the document size.


The problem is that the slightest change in tone value shifts the polygons.


What I can do though is slide the exposure setting up, paint the location I want to be flat the same grey tone and then slide the exposure back to where it was before editing and save it. This works well. Admittedly I have no numerically precise way of positioning the object on the flat surface but doing it by eye works given what I'm doing.


The other great thing is is can keep the EXR file open in photoshop and paint additional parts the same grey colour, save it, go back into EI, 'Set' the image again and new terrain modifies to the newly defined area.


Oh, and I also have been experimenting with making my own EXR files using photoshop. It's an interesting creative process because you have to think of what the terrain with be like as a result of your painting in photoshop and the greater the gradation of tone the more subtle the terrain variation and the harder the gradation the sharper the terrain changes..



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