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DAZ 4.6 MDD/FBX Import

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I use Maya, PointOven and then EIAS.

Awesome work you posted.  Couple of years ago, I crashed Maya and lost a bunch of plugs and scripts. I'm getting back into MarvyD again. I love that app.


I modeled in Zbrush, and use MotionBuilder on the Mac. But I didn't clean up the Mocap. I will do now that everything is running again. Almost forgot how to use MDD in EIAS? ;-)

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Three things: SIZE / ORIENTATION / DAZ-POSER grouping

The BIG challenge is that the figure in DAZ are separated in body parts

(Each one beeing independent)

Each body part are surrounded by vertices at the contour. These overlapping vertices (in the entire figure) are not usables by the pluging and causes the problem. I have found that one part only can be joined to the plugin.

So why not duplicate that for all the figure? See image

I will post a better test soon



I dont use DAZ because I model in Zbrush as much as I can but I think Daz is a great app. I looked at it incase I need a fast geometry for rigging tutorials.

I saw the model came in many parts as you mentioned. However, this is very quick fix since you have Zbrush. Just "weld" and it's perfect.

I'm not sure if it will cause problem with the MDD export animation or rigging in DAZ.

I purchased PointOven. I don't know if it works with DAZ but it can export multiple objest at one time. I just export to FBX from Maya then use PO MDD.

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