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Cannot activate UV space in material editor

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Im am trying to import an object with uv coordinates in EIAS 9.1 Demo.


I exported with : StrataCX, Vue, Silo, AC3D.

To these file format : .obj, .lwo, .fac


When I try to activate the UV space in the material editor I get the error message :

"The UV space is set as default for this texture, but it will not be used because the UVs are missing or disabled"


The uv are in the files because they are loaded correctly between different 3D software.


This is my .obj file (you can see the vt are there): 


mtllib mybox.mtl

v 114.000000 182.487000 -70.439270



vt 0.677383 0.999839



vn 0.000000 1.000000 -0.000000



usemtl mymaterial1

f 1/1/1 2/2/4 3/3/7 4/4/10


usemtl mymaterial2

f 5/5/14 7/9/19 2/10/5 1/11/3


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I found the problem: the uv need to be activated in the object/shading properties.


I feel a little rusty after not using EI for more than 10 years.


Sorry for wasting your time, you can delete this post.

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