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Any chance PseudoCamera  (AR_PseudoCamera) could be updated to run on current Mac operating systems. (and/or Windows for thet matter - wasn't trying to exclude anyone)  It never existed in a windows environment.  It did on the Mac, and ran fine through OS X 10.6.X   10.8 gives it the old circle-slash. Thanks a bunch, Apple.


It was simple and slick.


I know someone will say... "Hey, why don't you use Renderama?"


my answer is "I don't know.  Why don't I?" 
ignorance, I suppose. I haven't and am unfamiliar with it. I know... get off my dead backside and give it a spin and learn something new (to me). 

I suspect I will.


If anyone has used Renderama and is familiar with/can recall PseudoCamera, perhaps you could offer up a comparison pro/con response.


Nonetheless, I do not know what would be required to update PseudoCamera to play nice with the more recent flavors of OS X, but I sure do miss that little app. It was the best little sleep aid I can recall.  :)

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