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Another Breakdown - Character with SimCloth & Rodeo

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Hi all.


I whipped together another little VFX breakdown of a shot to share. Wanted to see how quickly I could create a shot from beginning to end with some character rigging and animation, cloth and dynamic sims using EIAS. About a week of work all in all. Took quite a bit of fiddling to get SimCloth to cooperate, but worked out OK in the end. Hope to upgrade to V9 soon and give Bullet dynamics a go on something like this.


• Shot the plate in RAW on my BMPCC

• Shot & created my own environment HDR's to match the plate

• 3D Tracked in PFTrack - Camera data exported to EIAS

• Character and Vehicle Rigged and Animated in EIAS

• SimCloth & Rodeo

• Lighting, Texturing, and Rendering in EIAS

• Compositing in AE




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