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When I go into preferences and select Preferences/Preview & Render/Make images permanent, it always saves the images into the root animator folder instead of the 'EI Snapshots' folder. Is this a known bug or am I missing a directory setting somewhere? Thanks. -Derryl

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That is how it's supposed to be Derryl.

"EI Snapshots. This folder is used to hold any snapshot renderings that you

create during a session with the program. Once you exit the program, the

snapshots in this folder will be deleted, freeing up disk space. If you wish

to keep your snapshot renderings, you will need to set the preference.

Choose Edit>Preferences>Preview & Render tab, snapshot section, and

enable the Make Image Permanent check box. If this check box is enabled,

snapshot images are then placed within the home directory of EIAS Animator,

and not within the EI Snapshots directory."

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Well that explains why all my snapshots disappear when I move the hundreds of images to the snapshot folder after I quit! Not very intuitive, hopefully in the future we will be able to choose a folder for permanent snaps. Thanks Richard.

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