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Global Reflection Blur Control

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When using reflections on a surface I often use a mix of ray traced and Global map, where the global map reflection is used where there is no RT reflection - usually works great. But, when using RT Blur Control I get soft RT reflections but the Global reflection are not consistently softened. 


Would be nice to have the RT Blur Control setting effect all the reflections of a surface - 


I can blur the Global map reflection, but that blurs the reflection of all the objects that use the Global map.



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its time consuming, but the only thing I can think of is to load the global reflection map into the objects that you want them to soften on.  Turn off 'global' reflection for those objects so they DO reflect like other objects do visually... but you can animate the blur setting than on only the objects you care to have that blur on.   Not perfect but probably effective.

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