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Falling Skies TV show

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"fxg: Electric Image, really?" Tomas you need to go round there and kick them right in the..............  Or Add all the features we need/want in EIAS 10 


and on a side note while i am here any news on  EIAS 10 you guys have gone a little dark and i know that means your working on it, but a little heads up like features are set working on bugs fix's or animator code has been updated for 64bit computing anything really just want to hear something XD oh apart from "we working really hard" as we all know you guys do that no need to say it anymore i mean EI V9 was a good leap forward but still has a long way to go. VPR and node base shading and a more pleasing UI when using EI its like sitting in a time machine for V10 lets set the date for 2020 and be ahead of the game haha

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well TBH Tomas feature wise people know what i want have been vocal about a lot of it and most of them are really basic stuff although i am sure not so basic to code (64 bit, cleaned up and modern UI, better shading system with better previews, and a VPR type viewport renderer, and native sub-d not a plugin that i have to buy) none of those are really killer headline grabbing show stopping features. but thats what i am hoping for haha. I'm confident that your pushing 64bit animator since you did that with camera. the rest i guess ill have to wait and see haha


oh and i forgot native instancing even though I'm sure i could just push real geo and camera just deals with things like that. but i still want it XD

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I am as busy as I've ever been using EI for non stop TV work in Los Angeles.    Quality wise EI continues to capably output gorgeous imagery fast.   If there is no modeler.... than it needs to read and write too other modern formats


INCLUDING CINEMA 4d!!  Years ago I 'begged' for more animation tools...  there is 'still' time too enter into the motion graphics hi end world.  Maya gave it up...  Max?  no way....  all that exists is C4d and they are lazy and overpriced


in their positioning.   They want it all... to be a film quality app AND a motion graphic power and end up doing both rather poorly.  But because there is no "known" alternative...   the industry puts up with it.   Things are stagnant in 3d now.


Thats why I think its the PERFECT TIME for Tomas and his team too do as much as they can while other apps are sort of treading water.     I am using Pro Animator for my modeling and its animation methodology is amazingly powerful and 


relatively easy to learn for motion graphics... its render output, at least at this point and in my opinion is just not robust enough.    Regardless, I highly recommend it as the best mograph modeler available that exports native fact files and 


in a pinch you can do some amazing animation, if render fidelity is not super critical...     I disagree on the user interface comments.   Who decides what easy to use is?   Mimicking someone else does not make you 'modern' as far as the interface 


goes anyway... I care more about features... and how we'll it plays with other apps.       Id love some teaser stuff as well Tomas... but I understand your busy pushing forward....   If I can help with the PR here in any way, let me know!!

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You don't have to change it to bring it more in line with the year 2015. one thing is have you tried to use a scroll wheel? also the UI looks dated low res not as sharp as modern programs. Brining it up to date does not require they bin what we love about EIAS. some of the changes that i would like to see in EIAS is viewports that lock so re-sizing one adjust's the other. but then having the ability to brake the link so you can move them independently. the way modo lets you build your own custom layout then save it is useful. so i hope yo get my meaning when i ask for a modern UI. 

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