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It´s a kind of magic :)

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Some of you asked me, what i am doing right now.

Well, a lot of house work (making floors, painting walls and so on).


But a friend of mine, he is a watch maker with a small business in

making his own watches, asked me, if i can help him a little with

a video he was working on.

Of course i can ;)


Because he knows, that i am a watch collector, we talked about different

kind of watches and i showed him a special one (for me):



He fall in love :)


So he decided to built a small series of this old watch with a new movement

and a self made case, dial and hands.

While he was working on the watch, we talked a lot about it....

Some day he asked about 3D and the benefit of 3D in watch making, so i helped

him with some information.


But i could not resist to play with the 3D files ;) , this time the whole clip:




Have fun



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