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HELP! the Apple Store accidentally wiped my hard drive and my EI tools

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I am posting this for group help... so I can be specific with Tomas as to which Plug Ins and Shaders I need to 

get replacements for.   I was shocked that I did not have a CURRENT backup of my EI folder...  and will never let that

happen again.  My other apps all had cloud and hard drive backups and records.


I have records of what I have paid for throughout the years, but what I'm having trouble getting… is this… - of the 3rd party tools I own.... WHICH ONES have made it successfully to version 9.1 (64 bit)  and by default, the ones discontinued or obsolete.   Like many of you, I spent thousands of dollars on these tools and simply want to re load all the ones available to 9.1.    -  


I want to be clear.... I am not unhappy with EI or Tomas...  they are extremely busy and helping me deal with this takes time.... but I can at least make It easier if anyone has a list of what has been converted.   I have the Northern Lights tools... thats it.   None of the Konkeptoine plugs or Paralumino tools I purchased.    ( 90% of what they offered, I purchased )         I'm pretty sure all the Paralumino stuff was updated… I think Mrs Bebel was and many more.  Also the NX shading system etc etc etc.    Is there a list anywhere??


THANK YOU for any help.  I need to get up and running ASAP.



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