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The only problem right now: we added soo many changes we want to be the most stable as possible, remember I was a EIAS broadcast version user 2.8.x version which was soo buggy and everything crashed EIAS..

Second, we still crazy here adding new cool ideas which we always dreamed to have and allowing our user base family be happy in the near future ;)



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Is there no chance in getting the old modeler back do they still not want to sell it? And as I remember there was also issues with licensing the code from the another company or something like that I joined Eias in v5.5 just when it was dropped. 

So my question really should be asked more simply as which would be easier and more financialy viable getting old modeler or building a new one.


if it's having to build a new one will the geometry engine that you have now support it or will that need to be revised. 


I know now this is currently the problem with lightwave modeler and layout have 2 differnt geometry engines hence they where/are working on hydra that is used in there MDD sculpting app. 

Oh and I have one more question too. In Eias if I import an object that has all the verts welded together but I have the object polygons split with different materials I can only seem to import it with 1 material over the whole object but keep the points welded or have multiple materials but it splits the object up and unwields the verts so now I have more objects. Is this a limitation of the fact file format or a limitation of Eias. 

Sorry for the totally long lost Tomas that goes off on a tangent 

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