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Renderama Slave losing connection

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I have Renderama slave that consistently errors when starting a job. 

total of 5 slaves 2 on other computers and 3 on my main system (all mac os). The 3 on the main system are on different drives:

boot drive (PCI flash), internal SATA RAID, external SATA RAID

the Camera Slave on boot drive works but nearly every time I start a job, it will get it's first frame then immediately error "Master / slave communication error" it will finish the frame, I quit the Camera and the Slave, restart slave turn it on in Renderama it then works without issue for the rest of the job.

anyone see this? 

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I think it is dynamic IP but it's always the same IP number. - is it possible that it could be something with the PCI - flash drive? it's new and I've never had this issue before. also, that slave is on the same drive as EIAS and Master Renderama. - have had any issues with that?





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