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Stephen Ray

Parallel port Dongle problems

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I have a old version of EI version 4 that came with the modeler. I upgraded my PC installed a Parallel  PCI Adapter card, Then  Installed EI and the sentinel drivers, but I am getting the "Hardware Key Error: DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED" the PCI card supports SPP/EPP/ECP serial ports ( I'm on a PC win8.1} I really need the modeler! Any help will be welcome. Thanks

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Hi Stephen,

First thing i would do is check the PCI card is installed correctly, assuming it is then i would look at the sentinel drivers. You may need an older version that supports the parrallel dongle or try a clean install. Also i would install only the parrallel driver, nothing else that comes in the package. The safenet site has a util for fully removing old drivers, this solved a very frustrating problem for me. The app is called SSD cleanup.

Hope this helps.

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