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Real Time Renderers / Preview Enhancement Question

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Hi Tomas, Igors,

I noticed that back in 2010 and 2011 there were discussions about Octane renderer and back then it was considered to be at its infancy. Since then various render RT engines have emerged but as it has been pointed out the video cards are limited to NVIDIA using CUDA. Outside of the NVIDIA world Apple developed Metal to aid in their version of DirectX or improved openGL.  Have you been able to research if a) this is a viable option for EIAS3D as far as preview within Animator or b) considered the RT developers to include a plugin for EIAS3D (has there been any interest?).

From the benefits I found in some of the tools is transforming the animation platform into a motion capture tool. Similar to Lightwave or Autodesk where the actor performance can be rendered with the 3D object in the scene.

These are some of the tools I've been looking at for C4D but I felt that EIAS could allow us to add additional render engines if possible.

Look forward to your response.



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