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Deformation child 'wobble' issue

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Hi All;

I have an issue with deformation as follows:

I have an animated fan effect using a bunch of cylinders in a row, and a parent cylinder along the bottom with an animated twist deformation applied. The animation looks good - the cylinders fan out one by one as they should, but they all have a small but noticeable wobble or shake caused by the twist deformation, as though they are fighting against the rotation. See attached image of the (very simple) setup.

They all have their centre points set to their bases and are set to not inherit deformation (as I just want the movement not any warping)

Is this a known issue and is there a fix or workaround anyone can think of?




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Hi Tom;

I would but it's only allowing an upload of 360k.... and won't accept a .zip.

I went about it another way in the end (just rotated them one by one), but still be good to solve for future reference. So let me know how I can upload a bigger file and I'll post the project.... it's only 700k 



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