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Dynamic Character Animation and Simulations

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I use an older discontinued program called Endorphin by Natural Motion to animate my dynamic ragdoll characters. Lately I have been simply retargeting scene as if they were only MoCap FBX animation.  I use MotionBuilder to edit mocap and I use Maya for some secondary dynamics. All three of these programs  use FBX which I  export to EIAS. If I still need to tweak any animation I do it EIAS. This is my freelance pipeline for years.

So usually I have a bunch on non rendered animation but when I do render it's usually EIAS. I'm starting to render more in Maya but nothing beats EIAS for speed and ease of use. IMHO.

My character animation process is what is now called "Hybrid Animation". It's not keyframe, it's not just Mocap, and some of it simulations using Artificial Intelligence and Controlled Ragdolled Physic Simulation or Dynamic Motion Synthesis.

Here's a sample:

New AVT Dynamic Character Motion Show Reel
(In the first sample with the girl talking, I use MoCap from Mixamo for the body in which I tweaked her left hand in Mobu. I did her facial animation in Mobu with their Voice Device for the lipsync. I did the hair and cloth dynamic in Maya. It's not a render just a preview but it could have easily been done in EIAS as well from scratch.  There's a few EIAS render in the film.)


I bought Endorphin 2.7.1 just before the company sold but use the older version more to learn. Endorphin 2.5.2  or MotionBuilder 7.5 OSX  aren't really for final renders though i use it as such. It's front-end character animation technology. Even the older discontinued versions are great.

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