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EI/Camera Crash Rendering a Larger File

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EI/camera has been crashing when trying to render a larger file 
Do I have the maximum settings for camera - see attachment
Is there something in EI that I can do?
Some items that help make the file complex
3860 objects
file size  53 mb
global illumination
glow items
four Poser figures
Is there something more I can do to avoid the crashes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 8.46.43 AM.png

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Thanks for the reply.  In 32bit It crashes the camera.

In 64 bit it will sometime render -- but EI crashes generally everytime.

The file is over 4000 objects, 52,1mb, extensive glow objects, trees, anti alias set at adaptive 4x4,1x1, 0, 255, rendering at 7777x4606 (will likely print it at 12" x 60"}

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