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Can I have more than 1 camera views?

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I would like to do like all other 3D software: work with only one orthographic (no perspective) and rotate the view in 3D to fit my needs.

A camera view would be fine, if I could disable the perspective.

I did not find a way to have more than 1 camera view.

I would like to have 1 camera view to see the final result with another single orthographic view to navigate and turn around the scene.

Is that possible?

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You did not say : not right now in 9.1 but it will in 10

Will there be another way to do it in version 10?

It is not something really important, it's just that it prevent people (younger one) from working a certain way: a more modern way.

Like I said, I like working in only one orthographic view that I can rotate around.

Working axis aligned is not always possible either.

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