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Uvs and Electricimage 8 obj import

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Happy New year!
So, I recently tried to import a Human model obj. into Eias 8 and it did not bring in the uvs for some reason,

which made applying the map impossible. I could not check use uvs in the group info box. It was greyed out.

This is what I did:

1.I imported the file( https://www.food4rhino.com/resource/mei-posed-001) into EIAS 9 DEMO.

and applied the map in there.

2. I reexported the model as a validated fact file which gave me the UVS in version 8,

but the map still did not apply properly in version 8 for some reason.

3. I had to save the material from version 9 demo as well and then apply that in version 8.

Finally, it worked!


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Ola Joseph!
Happy new year my friend!

Yes, We improved a lot .OBJ import in EIAS 9.1 and Demo works really fine for this kind of trick without restrictions :)
I am glad you solved!


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