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Tomas Egger

EIAS v10 current development!

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Ola my friends!
When we released EIAS 9.0 / 9.1, we ran to show we were able to add a good amount of new features and good optimizations.
EIAS 10 is another story, as everybody here knows, the EIAS source code was really old and lacking several features which we always wished and wanted to be built in.
Why this delay in the release? 
Lets imagine one of the many examples in our current process:
Apple killed QuickTime development on Windows platform, so, we need to find another library for replacement on both platforms Mac / Pc, remove QuickTime entirely from Animator, Camera, Renderama.. implement the new library with the new OSX / Win codecs limitations and so on, so, v10 was huge cascade of changes, we do one change, it solve a feature, but breaks several connected features, EIAS v10 is our first, biggest effort to let Electricimage fresh and powerful on the modern operational systems.
Took a lot more time than we wanted, but we love EIAS development and we are really proud of it.
Thanks for the patience!
EIAS3D team

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On 6/20/2019 at 11:14 AM, Tomas Egger said:

Ola my friend!

Yes, we are already aware! Thank you very much for your link!

Are you fine?


Hi Tomas,

Yes, I'm doing OK and hoping I'll be in a position to use EIAS again some day. I'm just lurking for now. :)

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