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image format for OS 10.68 quicktime

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Guest supernova

i did a search in this forum and cant seem to find where I can get a version of the image format for my mac to read in quicktime...

I have the photoshop one and it works fine...

could someone give me a link to where I can download one...

Thank You


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Guest supernova

where do I install these? im not getting my .img files to be recognized... they just have ndif disk image as their kind?

Ola Scott,

Right now, you need to install Quicktime 7.6.6 which is included in the Snow Leopard DVD installer or Apple web-site and add the EI quicktime component, which you can find in here, in the bottom of the page:




my system profiler says i have Quicktime player 7 version 7.6.6

AND quicktime player 7.6.9

AND quictime player 10.0 which is the newest and claims to be 64bit

im confused

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I've been away from EIAS for a while.

Can't get QT to read IMG files.

Followed your lead (above) but all I could find at Telegraph was a Photoshop plugin.

Would appreaciate direction.

Michael Morris

Sping 2011 iMac, OSX 10.8.2, EIAS 8.0.0, QT player 7.6.6


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