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Whats the senario with USB C becoming the new standard on MacBook pros and probably all macs in the future ? does the dongle work with a dongle usb adapter ? will there be new EIAS USB C EIAS dongle available ? it only just hit me if i where to buy one (which I'm not impressed by them at this stage so properly wont) that my EIAS dongle wouldn't plug in to them.



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Ill try to find someone with a USBC MacBook pro and test it out and report back. I suspect it will work at least with the apple adapter.

just tested it on my old 2012 model through my Thunderbolt to Kanex USB3/SATA adapter and works fine on that.

I noticed EIAS 8.0 stopped working now in Sierra. not that i used it, just always kept it there in case.

thank and Happy New Year,


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I can't say how much effort is required to make EIAS dongle free, but from an end user perspective, it's outdated and a PITA. No system is perfect, but if the dongle breaks or gets lost, that's at least 1 week waiting for a replacement, most likely more, especially when you are on the other side of the world.  That's at least 1 week without being able to use the software.  If you have a server activation system, and the server goes down, then maybe you wait a day for it to be sorted.

formz and Lightwave have made the move to dongle free, and EIAS should follow suit. I don't buy the idea that there will suddenly be an explosion of illegal versions of EIAS.

The 3D world is very different now from EIAS started.

My 2 cents.

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Hi Tomas.

Sorry for my rant.

I am on Mac, and taking into account my age, and all the different software packages i use (or formerly used), I have about 20 dongles, a mix of ADB and USB. The best thing about this collection is that you can boast to your friends about how much "expensive, niche" software you own. LOL. 

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