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Zeroing link values so link is on object

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Hi all,

I've made a real mess of a file I have. Its a project that has been in development since EI2.9 so its been updated to newer versions over the years, lots of things added, taken away etc.

The most recent update saw me merge the old file into a new one and I'm currently running through objects re-setting their materials as I've lost the links.

But the most annoying thing is when i select an object in the project list the link that highlights in the view ports is quite a distance from the actual object. I thought this was the offset value but that is the offset from the parent effector.

What I want to do is to zero the objects and their links without moving them in the world space - is this possible.

My only previous method of doing this is to go into the link window for the object and manually move the cross hair till it sits on the object. But I have several thousand objects this has happened to and I might expire before I finish !!!

Any tips or slaps around the head for being a stupid boy would be appreciated :-)


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Consider me slapped !

Brilliant, thank you Ian - that's bugged me for so long but I've never sought an answer.


Hi James,

Can you choose 'middle' for the object link, then do right click > set selected?



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