EIAS on the IMAX Feature "Magnificent Desolation"

published in Jan, 13, 2010

The new IMAX™ feature “Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D” takes viewers back to the United States’ lunar landings, using the high-resolution large-screen 3-D format for a compelling lunar experience.
Behind the scenes, the format posed challenges for visual effects providers Digital Dimension and Sassoon Film Design. The large screen necessitated a 4K image resolution, and the 3-D process required that separate images be processed for left and right eyes.
The feature’s new imagery was shot on a stage prepped with a simulated lunar surface and surrounding green screens. Extending the surface to the horizon required adding digital set extensions using 3-D tracking. The astronauts’ highly reflective helmet visors also required tracking to replace reflected crew and equipment with appropriate lunar reflections.

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