EI Technology Group Announces Sale of EIAS Intellectual Property

published in Jan, 12, 2010

Julie Habelmann
435 W. Nakoma Ste 101
San Antonio, TX 78216

San Antonio, TX – January 12, 2010 – San Antonio based EI Technology Group (EITG) has sold the intellectual property rights of Electric Image Animation System (EIAS) to new owners Tomas Egger and the Igors . The sale includes the software applications: Animator, Camera, Renderama and all related modules. EITG will remain the sole distributor of EIAS version 8.

This transfer will allow accelerated development and new technologies of the software to evolve, without limiting them to EITG’s budget as it continues development of Modeler.

Brad Parscale, President of EITG stated, “ This move is best for the future of EIAS. It puts the products in the hands of the artists and developers who use it most. EIAS will swiftly progress with new features as a result of this transaction.”

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