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Welcome to the EIAS3D link partners page. Here we offer links to customers, partners, and other related sites that we have link relationships with. If you are interested in having your website linked here please contact us to submit your link. For a Featured Link we require a homepage link to our website. For a Standard Link we require any link from within your site to our website. All links are subject to verification and approval. If possible please use the following code when adding our link (not required):

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Featured Links

Standard Links

  • 22 - Silverbullet 3D

    Silverbullet 3D

    Official EIAS Sponza Benchmark page. 3D Freelancer Bert Vrusch animating in EIAS and Maya

  • 23 - VGD - Virtual Graphics Design

    VGD - Virtual Graphics Design

    3D CG Images and Animations, Cartoons, Video, Multimedia, Special Effects, Graphic and Web Design

  • 21 - IF Israel Fornes

    IF Israel Fornes

    Dedicated user of Electric Image Animation System since version 1.5

  • 32 - VTC - Computer Software Training

    VTC - Computer Software Training

    Want to learn one of the fastest 3D programs on the planet? Then come and explore the robust and speedy Electric Image Animation System v7 with VTC author, Scott Simmons.

  • 35 - Pixologic


    makers of ZBrush®

  • 34 - Smart IBL

    Smart IBL

    Image based lighting has never been this clever!

  • 26 - Credo Interactive

    Credo Interactive

    Credo is a leader in creating innovative content, products, solutions and choreography for 3D character animation applications

  • 27 - Triade


    Triade shaderlab in cooperation with Konkeptoine brings NPR Shader, NX and FastPass Shader

  • 28 - Andersson Technologies LLC

    Andersson Technologies LLC

    Home of SynthEyes Camera Tracking - export directly to EIAS.

  • 29 - telegraphics


    Electric Image (EIAS) format - For all versions of Photoshop including CS5. Quicktime component for Electric Image format

  • 30 - Nevercenter Ltd. Co.

    Nevercenter Ltd. Co.

    Silo 2.2 is a focused 3D modeling application which exports directly to EIAS.

  • 31 - AutoDesSys, Inc.

    AutoDesSys, Inc.

    If you can Imagine the shape you can buid it with FormZ.

  • 33 - Renderpack


    Make your renderings exceptional

  • 36 - Bullet


    Bullet Physics Library - Physics Simulation

  • 37 - HiDynamic Productions

    HiDynamic Productions

    Immersive 3d environments

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