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EIAS Camera allows 3rd party vendors to create procedural shaders and plug-ins. Many of these shaders are just simply amazing! You can create realistic smoke, clouds, skies, water, particles and a whole bunch of other professional special effects. You can also get some free shaders at the Triade Shader Zone.

Software Partners

  • 13 - Okino Computer Graphics

    Okino Computer Graphics

    Okino has been the primary provider of native FACT file import/ export support for EIAS users for decades. Their PolyTrans|CAD+DCC conversion system

  • 8 - Northern Lights Productions

    Northern Lights Productions

    Northern Lights offers a variety of tools designed to assist the 3D professional to accomplish stunning special effects. Their products include Arete Psunami, Big Dipper, Zeus, Da Vincis Chisel, Liquify, Dante, Pathfinder, CableCraft, Placer Deposit, Floc

  • 10 - Konkeptoine


    Makers of versatile shaders designed to add subtle effects to model surfaces, such as animated corrossion, dust, dirt, oxid... Shaders like DirtLayer, MForge FractalFoam or BOrganic are perfect tools for every material you wish to create. Also check out L

  • 12 - Triade Shader Lab

    Triade Shader Lab

    Download three FREE shaders courtesy of Luis Angel Díaz-Faes Santiago from Spain: SimpleNoise, NoiseSpline and Dimmed.

  • 15 - Onyx Computing

    Onyx Computing

    Maker of Tree and Tree Storm for super realistic trees and foliage that are still models or models that move based on environmental conditions.

  • 17 - 3dmation


    This collection of scripts is used to transfer 3D motion to and from After Effects, Electric Image, and Maya. They also create a variety of comps for vertical, horizontal, scale, rotational rectification. Visit the site to learn more.

  • 18 - LA-FABRIK.COM


    Pattern Collections and Models for EIAS or Amorphium. Enhance your 3D or Flash projects. Come and take a look at our ever-growing collections.

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