Konkeptoine Plugin DisAppear

The DisAppear™ plugin is a tool designed to make objects appear/disappear in different unique ways.

Simply link the objects to the plugin and control how they show or hide in your scene. It doesn't matter how
tesselated your objects are, the results produced by DisAppear are always high quality and not polygon


  • Provides several sets of boolean operations to create appear, disappear and rings effects
  • Doesn't require highly detailed child group(s) and produces good results even if source facets are large
  • Calculates effect zone not only using absolute distance from control points, but also using child group(s)
    surfaces. In many cases this feature creates better results
  • Allows adding random noise into appear/disappear zones to create more realistic effects.

Release Notes:
"Special thanks to Tomas Egger and Luis Angel for their help with beta-testing of these plug-ins on MacTel"

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Konkeptoine DisAppear 1.0 WindowsUniversal $125.00 Support Files
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Konkeptoine Disappear Interface


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