The Fire plugin is a 3d volumetric system to create fire effects in Electric Image Universe.

Fire™ uses a unique way of creating fire in your scenes. All objects linked to the Fire plugin will start burning
automatically. Then you can define how the fire will look and behave based on real life physics of burning gases.

The Fire™ plugin will analyze all the objects linked to it, and prepares a custom default values that later can be

With Fire™ you can define how fast the burning fuel is ejected from your objects, the velocity, the density of the
burning surface, how flames look, including color, deviation and many more.

The Fire™ plugin includes internal fire preview, with features to control the image output such as alpha or
previous/next frame.

With this new system you will be able to reproduce high quality fire effects for your scenes.

Release Notes:
"Special thanks to Tomas Egger and Luis Angel for their help with beta-testing of these plug-ins on MacTel"

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Konkeptoine Fire 1.5.2 WindowsUniversal $240.00 Support Files
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Konkeptoine Fire Interface


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