KMyst-Shader™ is a shader designed to produce a wide range of volumetric effects. Its built-in volumetric engine
is the perfect tool to model gases and similar effects.

The KMyst Shader system features 8 different noises to use as a base for your volumetric textures. These noises
can be modified to get endless effects. Combined with 3 different color applying modes and Dropoff modes, the
3D noises will turn a simple sphere into a complex-shaped volumetric object.

The system is a true volumetric engine that allows even a camera to fly through the volume of your objects using
a simple but fast technique.

The results provided by the KMyst-Shader™ system range from clouds, smoke, fire, explosions, all sort of gases
and much much more.

The shader can act in the World space, Model space and even in the UVW space to get the most out of it.

The built-in special preview helps in fine-tuning the parameters.

Version info:
1.0.1 Fixed problems with shadows if the shader is used with EI 6.5 or later

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Konkeptoine Kmyst 1.0.1 WindowsUniversal $159.00 Support Files
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