Konkeptoine 64 bits - BlobMaker 3.0 Plugin + Dew Shader

published in Mar, 07, 2013

Konkeptoine updates to EIAS v9

BlobMaker 3.0 Plugin & Dew Shader
We are announcing the BlobMaker 3.0 model plugin (32-bit and 64-bit). Its entire code-base has been rewritten, obsolete options have been removed, and new features have been added.
BlobMaker can now simulate dew drops with its new gravity options. Therefore we have discontinued the separate Dew shader. All users of the Dew shader will receive BlobMaker 3.0 at no cost. An authorization code is required, so please request the new plugin and your code today.

- BlobMaker 3.0 - 32/64 bits - Mail us - tom@eias3d.com

More updates coming soon

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